Little Caprice

First Impressions

Little Caprice is a naughty hottie and she might offer the perfect combination of cuteness and sluttiness. Most girls that look this small and cute aren`t willing to do hardcore content because they like to play up their innocence. Caprice wants to show you that she`s not nearly as innocent as you might imagine. She`s actually a hot slut that loves cock and she`s playing out all her fantasies online. They show hot fuck and suck pics on the tour and you get to see her blowing some dude in the streaming video. This is going to be a fun site.

Hot Promises

Caprice went online one month after turning 18 and since then she`s been putting out soft and hardcore picture galleries and videos for the horny men in her audience. She promises high quality sex videos, exclusive content and at least implicitly promises frequent updates. She uses the site to explore all her dirty dreams and you end up being the beneficiary because there`s some pretty hot stuff going down. This girl can do amazing things with her mouth and hot body. Even the solo sets are wonderful so you can´t go wrong.


Little Caprice is a hottie and her site is really well designed. It`s actually quite simple but the fact that there are only a few advertisements is a breath of fresh air compared to the ad dump that so many other sites subject you to. There`s a cute picture of Caprice holding a sign and welcoming you to the site and below that she lists the latest updates. Along the top of the page you can click to visit the picture galleries and the videos and that`s pretty much it. There isn`t a whole lot going on here outside of the core content.

One of the problems that effects most solo babe sites is that eventually the girl stops wanting to shoot new content or the folks that run the site want to stop paying her to shoot new content, depending on how things are set up. Caprice has stopped shooting fresh content for her fans. I can tell you this because the update that is listed as the most recent was online in a free hosted gallery several months ago. I remember watching the movie and thinking that the young chick in it was super hot. Also, none of the content is dated and that`s always a bad sign because if they`re adding new stuff they publish the dates to reassure the members that they`re getting fresh stuff. Finally, a few people in the forum are complaining about new content not being added.

Now that we`ve got the major complaint out of the way we can dive into what makes Little Caprice a hot site. More than anything it`s the gorgeous young model herself. How many chicks that look like her have you seen sucking and fucking online? I don`t know her actual age ? it might not be 18 ? but I know that she definitely looks it. It`s not hard to believe that she was just a month past her eighteenth birthday when she shot some of this content because she looks really young. She has a tiny and tight body that looks very youthful. She`s soft and slim; it`s like she eats a really reasonable diet and has a high metabolism as opposed to going to the gym every day to work her body. It`s perfect for a teen slut.

Caprice also reinforces the image of her as a super youthful chick by putting her hair in pigtails, wearing pastels all the time and putting on cute little outfits like a schoolgirl skirt and cute cotton socks. You get the idea. There`s a scene where she gets fucked in the shower and even then she has her hair in pigtails as it gets all wet and her face is fucked by a hard cock. That`s actually one of the hottest sets and they produced an image gallery and a video for it because it was so good.

There are 38 picture galleries at Little Caprice and most feature more than 125 pictures. However, half are screen captures and are not nearly as sexy as the real pictures. The full size images are large at 1600px although they should be better optimized. A picture that size doesn`t need to be 500kb. Run that through an optimizer and it`s half the size while maintaining virtually the same quality. The galleries will be a nightmare for those on dial up or really slow DSL because of the big images. On the other hand you`re getting great quality so if you want to see this teen slut and her schoolgirl lesbian lover hook up you`ll be doing it in style.

Caprice has produced varied content. There are fantastic hardcore scenes where her young pussy gets fucked by a hard cock and luscious solo scenes where she strips and fills her pussy with a toy. There are even a few fantastic lesbian scenes, including the schoolgirl sex that I mentioned earlier. You haven`t lived until you`ve seen two girls in pigtails and plaid skirts kissing, fingering and fucking each other with thick toys.

There are 19 videos to download and they look terrific at 720x480. They provide a Flash version too but it doesn`t stream very well so I`m not sure what the point is. The videos are definitely the best part of Little Caprice as you get to see her body used in a variety of ways. In one she puts a suction dildo on a glass top table and rides it while the camera watches her teen pussy get filled from below. In another we see her get face fucked while the camera watches from below. That`s one of my favorites because this teen slut gives a hell of a blowjob.

Those that love the schoolgirl look will appreciate the lesbian video and the hot scene where she screws a young guy with a hard body while wearing her cute little plaid skirt and her white blouse. Seeing him do her doggy style while her cute pigtails bob and her mouth lets loose all sorts of moans is fantastic. All the hardcore scenes are great simply because you get to see this incredibly young looking girl get fucked and love it. You don`t think girls that look that cute and innocent are lusty but she proves that wrong. She totally loves cock!

Croco´s Opinion

Little Caprice is a tough site to review because the content is really hot and the model is terrific but she no longer updates and she only managed to put up 19 complete sets before going dark. Each set has a picture gallery, a screenshot gallery and a downloadable video and based on how hot Caprice is and how much she gets fucked I`m inclined to say it`s worth the money. She brings you into her world and doesn`t intend on letting go until you`ve blown many loads. If you like to see youthful girls get fucked then you`re going to be pleased with the videos you get for your membership money. If not then you shouldn`t join.


Navigating the hot content couldn`t be any easier. The only small issue is that the pictures are big files and will take a while to download for those not on good broadband connections.

Pricing Policy

It`s $29.95 recurring.

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